Bathroom Innovations That Did Not Catch On

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  • Bathroom Tech Innovations You Wont Want To Live Without

    Last but not least, you don’t need to buy a hot tub for spa like air jets anymore. You can get it right in your bathroom with the latest air baths. The air jets are controlled electronically and provide different levels of sensation, from a light whirlpool to deep massage..

  • Smart Bathroom Technologies That Will Blow You Away

    The majority of the innovations in today’s market Considering that the new crop of real estate buyers are Millennials, it’s no surprise that technology is one of the most desired qualities in a new Menu.

  • Charmin Looks To Disrupt The Toilet Experience With New

    LAS VEGAS At CES this week, toilet paper manufacturer Charmin unveiled three concept technologies to improve your toilet going experience. Whether they .

  • The Pittsburgh Toilet And Five Other Major Movements In

    There are also a few innovations that didn’t quite catch on everywhere, or remain regional novelties. But plumbing seems to have been one area of engineering in which he did not venture .

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