Grease Ants In Kitchen

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  • How To Get Rid Of Grease Ants In Your Home

    Seal pests out Although these ants can enter through the tiniest of cracks, it is important to caulk Put away foods Do not leave open foods out on counterscover them in pest proof containers or put in Keep it clean Clean up food spills immediately keep all floors swept and mopped, .

  • Grease Ants Thief Ants How To Get Rid Of Grease Ants

  • How To Prevent Grease Ants Howstuffworks

    Eliminate potential food sources Grease ants prefer a high proteint. That translates to tasty items like the grease that accumulates on your stove hood and around your oven door. No kitchen is spotless, but the cleaner you keep your home, the less appealing it will be to ants. There’s an upside to ant proofing your house..

  • How To Make And Use Homemade Ant Bait Traps

    Grease ant bait recipe Mix tablespoons of peanut butter, tablespoons of honey, and about teaspoon of boric acid powder. Protein loving ants respond best to a bait made of both protein and sugar..

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